Epicurious iOS App


After reaching 5 million downloads and becoming one of the most popular apps in the app store, Conde Nast wanted to find a way to monetize Epicurious. Our team had to find an effective way to incorporate the new Recipe Box upgrade that would allow a user to sync their favorite recipes between the app and the website. The challenge was to be prominent yet unobtrusive so that users would be aware of the new feature and interested in shelling out a few dollars for it. This also called for creating login and user account capabilities that were new to the app.

Additionally, we were introducing microtransactions in the form of “recipe sets” based on seasons and holidays. This also required careful consideration so that it would flow seamlessly with the app experience to which so many were already accustomed.

At the same time, the iPad had just been introduced so we were also tasked with building an entirely new experience for the app. The larger screen made for a fun challenge because touch-screen tablet design sensibilities had yet to really be explored. The project involved a lot of home testing of the device + app to better understand what the experience would be like to actually follow recipes in the kitchen or use the Shopping List feature while grocery shopping.